Eyes on the Prize

A Top-Down Bullet Hell with Crafting elements created for Ludum Dare #41.

You won't make it far without crafting your own upgrades!  (Bringing a friend or two along can't hurt your chances either!)

This was our team's first Ludum Dare, and although we worked up until the eleventh hour, we regret that we were unable to get everything working quite the way it should.  We hope that you will be more forgiving than the game-play!

Thanks for checking out our game!

Planet Eight Games 


Mouse & Keyboard

Move = W, A, S, D 
Dash = Left Shift
Shoot = Left Mouse-Click
Aim = Mouse
Open Craft Menu / Close Craft Menu = Tab
Craft Light Armor / Craft Heavy Armor = 1
Craft Missiles / Craft Tri-Spread = 2
Craft Tri-Spread / Craft Rapid Fire = 3
Craft Menu Navigation = Q, E
Start Game / Respawn = Enter 

X-Box Controllers

Move = Left Joystick
Dash = Left-Trigger 
Shoot = Right-Trigger
Aim = Right Joystick
Craft Light Armor / Craft Heavy Armor = Y
Craft Missiles / Craft Tri-Spread = X
Opens Craft Menu / Craft Tri-Spread / Craft Rapid Fire = A
Close Craft Menu = B
Craft Menu Navigation  = Left & Right Bumpers
Start Game / Respawn = Start



Added WebGL Player
Fixed Mouse and Keyboard Inputs
Fixed Kill Count Stats 
Fixed Rapid Fire Ammo Display

Install instructions


Eyes on the Prize - LD41Submission.zip 27 MB
LD41-WebGL-updated.zip 29 MB

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